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    2020 GP1800R SVHO - Gel coat/paint damage from trailer bunk

    Hello all. I just took my brand new 2020 GP1800R SVHO on its maiden voyage today. I grew up with a 97 Sea-Doo SPX (loved that hull!) and a 97 Sea-Doo GSX. I then worked at a rental joint on the river during the summers while I was in college and rode around on our GTi and GTX rental models. Coming from those to this GP, all I can say is "WOW"!! The speed and acceleration are unbelievable.

    Anyway, the dealer didn't do a great job of setting up the bunks on my trailer and had the chines/ridges resting on the bunks. When I winched it up it apparently took some of the color/gelcoat off about a 4-6 inch section of the ridges on the bottom of each side of the hull. I've since adjusted the bunks properly, but the damage was done. Is this something I should look to repair, or just let it slide?

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    That looks fine to me. Yamaha paint is super soft.

    Underneath the thin coats of paint is a hard tough layer of black material. That is what is now showing.

    My own GP1800 has the paint scraped off in many places, topsides and underneath. All show the underlying hard black layer, which is quite tough.

    Not a problem to ride it. The fish donít care what the hull bottom looks like.

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    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I figured it wasn't that big of a deal and I'm not really concerned about the appearance. I was just concerned it might further deteriorate, but it seems pretty superficial. Just sucks getting those with less than 2 hours in the clock... Oh well, back to enjoying it!

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    Back when I was chasing MPH, I would wet sand my hull 3/4 of the length starting at the back with 1000 grit sand paper. It would give me a couple of tenths MPH and didn’t have negative effects.
    Beach it just once and you’ll long for the day you had these scratches. Lol
    Congrats on the new ski!

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    This black coat same with the FX HO model line? and.... beach or no beach ? Noticing my center hull is getting roughed up, as in not such a smooth finish any longer. Like sand paper to the touch.

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    Ive been lake riding my Black FX and with only 17 hours it has scratches , I don't even know how I get them

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