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    Cracked fuel tank? Looking to purchase new one

    Hey guys, so been working on this ski the past few weeks. Last time I had it out it would big under any throttle. Figured I'd rebuild carbs and replace fuel lines. Halfway through that process, I come out to the garage to find 10+ gallons of fuel I'm my hull. What gives! Carbs were out, so no way they leaked. Fuel return and pump line both hanging out of ski, so my thought is the tank is cracked. That being said, anyone have a 2002 stxr fuel tank for sale?

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    It's the same tank that's used in the carbureted STX 900s and 1100s, so there should be some available. I saw one on Ebay for $65, but I'm sure shipping will kill you--IF the seller can find somebody to ship it. I've purchased a couple of fuel tanks and some people simply won't mess with them. A new one from is $100 from the Greenhulk website with the discount code GreenHulk. You'd get a new tank, and wouldn't have to worry about shipping one that has had gasoline in it. P/N 51004-3721.

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    Thanks Steve. I've seen some things about upgrading to a tank from a 2003 or so STX/STXR for a larger fuel tank, do you know if this is a direct swap?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeawardToast View Post
    Thanks Steve. I've seen some things about upgrading to a tank from a 2003 or so STX/STXR for a larger fuel tank, do you know if this is a direct swap?
    It is a direct swap to the larger tank but keep in mind you need to remove the engine to remove/install the fuel tank.

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    The 2003+ tanks are discontinued

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    Let me out of here......I need to go on Greenhulk!
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    Did you confirm the tank is leaking ?

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    I have both a stx900/1100 tank and a stxr small tank but as Steve mentioned, shipping will be expensive.


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    No I have not verified that tank is leaking, there was about 10 gallons of fuel in the hull so I just assumed. I will spray some soapy water on the tank and apply pressure and look for leaks tonight. Thanks for the help guys if it is leaking I think I will just purchase new. Any particular reason the 2003+ are discontinued?

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    No idea why discontinued, i purchased one years back, went to look for one for a forum member and found it discontinued. Probably just age, i bet they dont sell many

    The seller you buy from could rinse the tank out let dry and package and not tell the shipper its a gas tank

    Shows the tank for 02 stxr is still available but not the tank from the 05 which is a bigger tank.

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    Thanks for the info! I think I'll just pick up an 02 from greenhulk like Steve mentioned if it comes to that. 2 gallons isn't that much difference

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