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    Have you tried new spark plugs?

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    1100 wont do 60mph just fyi

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    Steve, yes I have tried two sets of brand new BR9ES plugs to no avail. Maybe it could be a spark issue? All plugs look like they are firing when I check them though. I have the 1200 turboman and I have heard things about the speedometer in the ski being inaccurate but I have yet to get a GPS to back it up, all I know is the speedometer said 60!

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    Ah ok, must of missed that and for some reason thought we were talking about an 1100.

    Mine gps runs consistently 63mph, i have not gps since the addition of a shred master.

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    Here is photo of my spark plugs after the water test last night. Bogged down with any throttle after getting to 3k rpm. Left to right is front to back cylinders. Maybe one of you can pull more information from the plugs than I can.
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    Your lean, pull your carbs and go through

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    I pulled the carbs last week and went through them, they all looked decent to my eyes but I am not sure exactly what to look for, especially on that float needle.. I soaked them in seafoam overnight and put back together but I can pull again if need be. The carbs seemed to be working perfect last week on the last ride I had before this bogging started. That is why I was thinking it was fuel leak / fuel pump related. Side note I just opened up my fuel tank cap and it released a LOT of pressure. Is this something that relief valve should be doing?
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    Alot of pressure is normal

    Pull the needle seats, theres screens behind them make sure not clogged

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    The vent lets air into the tank not out

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    Okay thanks.. I could not figure out how to pull the needle seats last time. Tried pliers, tweezers, vice grips. Resorted to pouring seafoam down the seats instead because I did not want to scratch them too badly. Any advice on how to remove the seats?

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