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    750 issues / not running, kinda

    94 SL 750

    Recently aquired with a bad bendix. Got that replaced now it wont run. On first startup, it reved up to 4K. Throttle had been adjusted out to half throttle as it's idle. Got it back to a 1250. Now the thing stumbled and died everytime I gave it gas. Adjusted high speed screws back to stock (they were way off). Now I have 2 cylinders that aren't firing. I have good compression across the board, and good spark. The mag cyl is the only one firing.
    Begining to think these carbs need rebuilt.
    What do you guys think???
    Any other ideas???

    On another note, I think I need to deliver a can to the previous owner. Sold to an old lady when he had to know it was jacked.

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    Definately do the carbs!!! Check to see what jets are in it while your in there, and check the reeds while the carbs are off. Do yourself a favor and do some preventative maintainence too. All new fuel line ($20) including ones in the gas tank (if so equipped). Reinstall the fuel restrictor in the return line locatyed 1/2" from the carbs. Buy new or rebuild the fuel pump ($12 - $40). And get a new fuel shut off valve ($27). That should help keep your ski running for a long time.

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