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    02 STX-R Mod Questions / Carb & Flame Arrestors

    Howdy all,

    I was hoping to pick yalls brain around mods for my 02 STX-R. I just picked this up with 96 hours on it and am currently doing some maintenance on it along with changing some of the OEM parts out. I tested the compression and it was 110 120 (Mag 110~, center 115~, PTO 120~). After that I was able to start it up and rev it a little. Everything sounded good and no real issues we could see with it.

    Now onto the mods I am trying to do for summer, I want to do some other mods later this winter (more info below). But the list below is what I am shooting for right now:

    New jet pump, Solaris 12 vein (Old pump has the prop still stuck in it, sheared the shaft off in the vice trying to get the prop off)
    New prop, Skat Track 13/19 swirl
    Vforce Reeds v3
    Flame Arrestors
    Choke removal / Primer Kit

    Looking around it seems that the stock carbs on the STX-R are kinda poopy, as I cant seem to find any way to tune these outside of re-jetting them. I would expect needed to re-tune and re-jet the carbs with the after-market flame arrestors and the choke removed.

    Long term I am looking to find a set of factory triple pipes to throw on this along with increasing the compression & upgrading the ignition. But this would be a winter project. For now, I am trying to get the ski running good with the mod list above.

    Any advice on what I can do safely with the stock carbs / flame arrestors would be much appreciated. I remember back in the day folks said they could throw after market flame arrestors on the STX-R without re-jetting. But I am a little hesitant to do this as every other boat I have done this with has required re-jetting and tuning. I do have some older Novi 48Fs (only 2), I was thinking of trying to find a 3rd one and get these installed on the ski. Help future proof it for when I throw some triple pipes on it.

    Sorry for the novel, just wanted to include some good info around what I have done and the plans.
    Any advice would be much appreciated!

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    I am a rookie in terms of mods but I have read enough to know removing the stock spark arrestor and adding aftermarket ones cannot be done without modifying the carbs. In other words don't do it unless you know the carbs have been properly modified to handle it. Otherwise you will have devastating issues quickly.

    I imagine others here will be able to help you more than I can and they will post soon.

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    I wouldn't recommend doing any of that to stock carbs.

    Removing the choke will cause engine to run lean.

    Removing flame arresters will also cause a lean condition, the flame arrestors create the vacuum to open the cv slides.

    It is not a common practice to do anything to the stock carbs. Might wanna spend the $ on an aftermarket set especially if your going to run tripples. Tripples cause to many reliability issues which is why i wouldn't. These things are fast in almost stick form with bumped compression

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    Well sucks these carbs are not as easy to mod up, but good to hear that. I was leaning towards not messing with them after reading a little more on the forums about them.

    Need to call around next week to a few places and see what folks got it it.

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    So anyone know of an intake manifold / adapter that will allow me to put any after market carburetors on an STX-R? I cant find any off the shelf brackets that will work. But am starting to wonder if I could get another one thats close and make it work. So far I am looking at two different options, but trying to figure out if it will work.

    1.) Get the KA-1101 adapter and cut it into 3 individual pieces. I was told this might fit / work on the 1200 motor, the only issue would be spacing between the cylinders for the 1100 VS 1200. (So I have been told, but he was not 100% on this.)

    2.) Get these adapters, ADPT-K. See if I can get them to fit on my OEM intake manifold the OEM carbs attach to.

    Any advice on what might work would be much appreciated on this one. Really want to get some aftermarket carbs on this STX-R

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    Well ordered a single ADPT-K to see how it will line up with the OEM intake manifold. Ill post back once it comes in to see how off it is.

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    This thread is all info you need, drop john a pm if you have any questions

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    Oh nice! I have been trying to read all of John's threads. So much good info he put out there.

    Ha I shot him a PM a few days ago actually about the STXR Waiting to hear back.

    Thanks for the thread! Going to read it over

    Edit: Blah yeah looks like he is using the R&D intake manifolds and I cant find them or any others from the 10+ ski shops I have called. Looks like he switched out to some Novi's later. Never heard back from novi when I contacted them, going to try again today and see if they have anything. Still looking around for options on a manifold so I can get these junk OEM carbs off this ski.
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    Let me out of here......I need to go on Greenhulk!
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    It looks like the watcon adapters will allow you to bolt A/M carbs on the stock intake. Intake will have to be opened up to match and you will have to run the carbs shaft to shaft. Can’t run parrallel shaft with those.
    Did you try Calling Art at Jetworks? They had intakes on the website not long ago though I just checked and don’t see them anymore. He may have an idea where to get them. Also I think speed magic has them.

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    I got that same recommendation from one of the ski shops for Art / Jetworks. I did try them, could not get anyone on the phone only via email. I was only able Jay via email. I ask him about the manifolds / if Art would know. Per him none of them would work but I could not get a hold of Art directly.

    I posed the same question to him about the manifold / adapter above trying to see if this would work. Per him they would not and he did not really offer any other solutions outside of posting online trying to find the old manifold / adapters for the 1200 motor.

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