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    Xlt 1200 2002 knocking noise

    Hi i'm so happy to find ypur post about noise comming from the motor. It's the same thing for me but i have so much vibration that some boalt also get off so i have to fix them really tight. Not sure if it's normal i also have no oil pump so only premix 50:1 is that good enought?

    Maybe the sound came from my catalityc converter is it possible? If i put my hand on it it's realy knocking hard but on the motor head it's smoother... Sorry for my english i'm french canadian.

    Thank if you have any clue or issue for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Error_404 View Post

    What would happen if this is unplugged without the d-plate? just curious

    Seafoam - i Have treated the gas with stabil marine. Is it OK to add this as well? also, would it hurt to just not do it seeing how its got plenty of power as-is?

    P.S. - This ski is way more peppy than i thought i would be. quite fast for 780lbs with only 155HP.

    Also, I have a 1998 GP800 that idles high and when i revit out of water, id does not come back down in RPM. is it normal to not come down(Lack of backpressure)? and where is the adjustment for the idle because it does like 7 mph at idle and my wife is not so into that lol.

    Thank you in advance. You have been a huge help and are obviously a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Skis.
    Heh... I have the same combo of skis, a 2000 GP800 and an 02 XLT1200. The noises out of the water are definitely normal, mine do the same thing.

    The idle adjustment on the GP800 is pain to do while running. I'd suggest putting it in the water on the trailer, warm it up, turn it off, adjust the idle screw, start up and repeat till you get it right. Mine idles nicely around 1,300 rpm.

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    I did 50:1 and it ran fine. It will collect oil in the exhaust if your at idle for long periods of time but doesnt affect performance. These engines vibrate and make noise at idle anyways so i wouldn't be too converned. I have a d-plate where by converter was. these usually fail in these skis so you might want to check that.

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