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    If it goes to 8000 then smoothly drops down to 7300 without any misfiring, then it's 99% the speed limiter.
    SCOM or ECU reflash to fix it.

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    Hi All!

    I have been searching the source for the similar problem and also been reading this thread. In my case the fault was caused bad fuel pump. I used the Quantum's kit for replacement, but the original part would be Mitsubishi UC-T33.

    After checking and maintaining the supercharger belt and tensioner, washing intercooler, checking and replacing ignition coils/spark plugs, etc... it's pretty reliefin to get jetski back to its full power

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    make sure you have the air intake temp sensor, and intercooler temp sensor plugged into the harness the right way around. the plugs are interchangeable the bastards

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