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    Clutch rebuild one way bearing? Any thought

    Thinking about trying it anybody out there do it

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    Problem is the damage to the hub from the old clutches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vvinmann View Post
    Thinking about trying it anybody out there do it
    VVin... the cost of the bearing , the gaskets, the oil, to rebuild your clutch ( not taking anything from what you are able to do ) I personally would just replace with new. This way you are back on the water enjoying your ski.

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    There is a seller of the sprag bearings however yet to hear of anyone successfully replacing the sprag bearing and getting anything like the lifespan of a new factory fresh assembly. If you are getting through clutches regularly look at what’s happening, if you are replacing one every 100-200 hours then is it a big saving?

    wasn't worth the aggro first me but I do have my old clutch incase I decide to buy I should probably just bin it.

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