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    07 GTI 4TEC SE bogging down

    My Sea Doo is having a very strange problem.
    I put it in the water and it will fire up on the first hit of the button and idles very smoothly. It will Idle smoothly until I get out to the no-wake buoys (about 50 yards or so), once I hit the throttle, it will launch out at 7500+ RPMs and reach speeds of 45 to 50+ MPH. after 30-45 seconds to starts to bog down and will not run faster than 3500 RPMs ( give or take a hundred or so RPMs) and will not run any faster. It does not stall or die, and when the throttle is released it will idle smoothly again and maintain. After 30 seconds to a minute, I can throttle again and do the same, and the process will repeat all day. It almost seems as if it goes into limp home mode. There are no codes active. I thought maybe it was fuel but not sure, I even rode with fuel cap off tank to make sure the tank wasn't going into vacuum. Iíve replaced the spark plugs as they are cheap. It has new fuel lines. I checked all fuses. I took and had a local guy pull codes with dealer software and none are active. Iíve checked most of the sensors with exception to CPS and TOPS. I have filled the fuel tank with premium fuel and used an injector cleaner (LUCAS). I could use some opinions as to what may be causing this. I donít really trust the local guys close to me as friends have had very bad experiences. Thanks for any input.

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    Also, the ski only has 69 hours.

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    Fuel pump taking a crap or clogged screen maybe?

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    I replaced the fuel pump and is still having the same issue.

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    Sounds like a defective fp...i ordered one on ebay that did the same thing...wasn't putting out enough fuel...

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    Definately sounds like a fuel related issue to me too. You did replace filters on the pump module, yes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myself View Post
    Definately sounds like a fuel related issue to me too. You did replace filters on the pump module, yes?
    it is also important to change the internal filter flow inside the pump .

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