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    PLEASE HELP Troubleshooting. 2005 Yamaha EX Deluxe

    So the other day my boss gave me one if his old Jet Skis (2005 Yamaha EX Deluxe). It hasn't been used in 2 years.

    After Charging the battery and putting some fresh oil in. We started the Ski right up!

    I decided to take it to the lake to try it out and it was producing a pretty good amount of white smoke. I let it idle for a bit and it started going away but every time i would give it throttle, the smoke got worse. It was very sluggish and had very little power.

    Then I decided to give it a little more gas for about 15 seconds and when i let off the throttle it stalled out.

    Another thing i noticed it would feel clunky sometimes (Almost like what it feels like when a transmission slips in a car).

    My boss said someone may have put 2 stroke gas in it.

    What does everyone think?

    It still has the old gas in it because I'm not sure where to siphon out 15 gallons of gas. I am thinking about getting all the gas and oil out and replacing it with new, then checking the impeller.

    Lets hear some suggestions!

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    Which engine is in this model?

    Have you checked cylinder compression?

    Correct spark plugs installed?

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    I agree with K447 . . . what is the exact year & model of your craft??
    FWIW, the "EX" models were introduced in 2017, having a 3 cyl engine. And 2005 likely being a FX or VX, having a 4 cyl engine.
    There should be a factory decal on the inside hull center that might indicate the model designation - i.e. "EX1050AS" - or something like that.

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