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    2009 rxt iS 255 is leaking out antifreeze.

    The antifreeze is coming out of the overflow, I was able to do a bottle test to confirm that. Almost everything points to a blown head gasket, however we have already replaced the head gasket, twice. Each time with a new gasket and new bolts.

    Something important to note is that the antifreeze only comes out when going close to, or full, throttle.

    Another thing I noticed was that it wouldn't accelerate to maximum speed when giving it full throttle. Holding down the throttle after starting it would result in going roughly 30mph, which felt like it was firing on 2 cylinders. However, after 30 seconds or so, it would just kick in and launch you up to full speed.

    After about 15 seconds of traveling at full speed the antifreeze would be mostly drained out. Everything I have read points to a gasket but after replacing it twice with no results I am reluctant to try again.

    The vehicle was labeled as "flood damage" when we bought it at auction.

    At this point I am at a loss to find an explanation as to what is going wrong.

    Any input or suggestions is greatly appreciated!

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    Cracked block or head?

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    I have not checked that yet. I will have to look into that this weekend when I work on it. I appreciate the suggestion!

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    are you using an oem head gasket or aftermarket? I blew a brand new wsm gasket on my 255 engine, oem was the way to go after that and no more problems.

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    I had a 155 blow a head gasket a few hours after I replaced it........head was warped. Didn't catch it the first time.

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    all good advice.

    start with a pressure test, it will help you pinpoint the compromised location

    you'll need a mechanics stethoscope to help pinpoint the leak. I'd throw some UV dye into the coolant, that's a lie, I'd replace the crankcases pretty quick considering the bargain nature of an auction buy. Time is money and head bolts and gaskets ain't cheap.

    aif your not inclined to do that, given the expense and time of multiple head gasket replacements you might want to look into magnaflux testing at least the head at first if you're having trouble detecting where the leak is originating

    or perhaps another try as stated, with an OEM headgasket after having the head resurfaced by a good machine shop

    given the flood damaged rating of your buy, the block may have frozen. a little research may provide a clue on that depending on what you can find out about the skis overall history

    good luck with this one.

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    Both gaskets were aftermarket and from the same manufacture. Admittedly, we bought the cheapest ones we could find. I'll have to look in to getting an OEM headgasket. We checked if the head was warped and it didn't seem like it was. However, we plan to take it to a friend who has a machine shop to determine definitively if it isn't.

    I really appreciate all the great advice! This gives me something new to try other than pulling the whole block out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nmpeter View Post
    given the flood damaged rating of your buy, the block may have frozen.
    This is kinda what I was thinking

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    Quote Originally Posted by guybb3 View Post
    This is kinda what I was thinking
    Is models usually donít care to be flooded due to the insane amounts of connectors and wiring

    That would be the last ski Iíd consider at an auction unless it was going for under $1000

    I stopped going to them a few years ago

    In my market there are lots of people who really undervalue their time and junk goes for insane amounts of money leaving me zero wiggle and needing to hit long odds several times to make any money at all

    One of the more memorable was a county 4wd with over 300k miles that sold for $2k over the book value

    Iím guessing that vin plate/title was worth that much to ďsomebodyĒ

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    Its been awhile, but I wanted to leave a final response here for anyone else who comes across this post. We were able to determine that the head was in fact warped ever so slightly. We had it machine leveled and used an oem head gasket this time. It runs great now. Thank you to everyone who gave advice. You helped us solve this once and for all.

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