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    Which is better for top speed

    Which brand of intake grates is better for top speed on a 1998 Gsx Limited
    or others is the best
    plz if got and info share it

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    For top speed the stock grate is best. Worx usually is best in least amount of speed lost as far as aftermarket grates go.

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    On that ski, WORX....Solas if you want MAX hookup, but loss of speed...I ran both, preferred the SOLAS because of hookup in deep chop...

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    The Worx grate is an awesome all-round unit. However, if you cut the two outside tangs off, smooth the surface a little (but dont polish it as this creates greater adhesion) you will regain a little top speed with better hookup in the chop. Also, when mounting it, make sure the leading edge is in line with your hull. Many units have the front mount sitting on wads of Sicaflex. This is a great way to reduce speed and increase cavitation.

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