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    Getting 07 Speedster 150 155hp

    Sorry for the short noticed, but if all goes well I'll be picking up a my new Speedster this Saturday. With that said, if any of you had any issues or items I should double check on at pick up please let me know thanks.


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    Nit pick the crap out of it.. Check for scratches, blemishes, dull spots that need buffing, and make sure you get a fire extinguisher with it..

    A spare tire is also a nice addition.. you wont go far if one of those tires goes flat..

    Make sure the speaker covers are not loose and also the stearing wheel cover.. (i know someone on here had lost one of each)

    Also make sure you get all the paper work, (owners manual, keys, and tool for gas cap)

    Hope this helps..


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    I have had just about everything that can come loose or fly off do so already, so yea double check everything that looks like it could possibly detach. The console that houses the gauges also seems very badly attached and I have had to redo and glue several spots on it so keep an eye on that.

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