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    kawi pump rebuild

    ok well the idiot i am let my friend drive my 15f today. well the yami rider forgot how to shut off an engine when rocks start getting sucked up. so for about 5 mins(while i parked the truck and trailor) he sucked up sand, rocks and sticks at shore. got my pump off and severe damage to the impeller ect. luckly i have a impeller from impros coming. but the kawi pump has a wear ring correct? whats the easiest way to get it out and where to buy the new one and how much. im guesing heating the pump would work the best since al expands fater then ss would. any tips thanks

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    Unfortunately no wear ring. If the vane guide is badly damaged (thing that houses impeller) then your only option would be to replace it.

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    Oh yeh.

    Normally main dealer part and I think they are about $270.

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    crap i should bought a seadoo lol. so there no stainless wear ring to replace. that really a retarded setup imo. lets see what happens witht he new impeller ill clean it up with some sand paper ect.

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    does somebody know if i buy the service manual if it will show how to replace the pump bearings? i have 2 pumps one with bad bearings i have the rebuild kit but am wondering if i should get the service manuel before doing it ?

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    as long as you have the impeller removal tool fitting the new bearing kit is quite simple from removing the pump to refitting takes about an hour

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    well its time for a new pump. im going after market so whats the best out year im planning on supercharging for pump gas. i took her out after getting the new impeller in. cavitiation is horible. my hole shot feels like a sponge just soft and loud(red lines now at the start). my gps speed has dropped to 63-64 gps (a 6-7mph loss) and is very inconsistant. one run had a top speed of only 58 at redline and a few later was at 63.
    i guess ill just run the rest of the summer like this until next year when i supercharge it. im scrapped for cash now because i just bought a 68 dart with a 440 for a project car. my plan was to make it a hemi dart clone by next summer. doesnt look like thats gonna happen. sorry for my rant i just needed to vent.

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    racingtrx450 is the lining of your pump that badly damaged ? or are the veins broken at the back ?

    Could be that you have a duff impeller ?

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    the vanes are fine none broken. it must be the pump having to much clearence between the wear surface and impeller. whats a duff impeller?

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    Quote Originally Posted by racingtrx450 View Post
    the vanes are fine none broken. it must be the pump having to much clearence between the wear surface and impeller. whats a duff impeller?

    skat can mod your stock pump and make it a magnum 8 or 10 vein..... not sure if they still offer this.... i was gonna do it with a spare stxr pump i had

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