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    2001 Yamaha GP1200r ?????

    How are these machines??? Looking at a used one, is there anything to be worried about??

    How are they on fuel??


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    It also has Riva heads, sponsons, ride plate, grate and flame arrestors!! Will I still be able to run regular pump gas?? He also has the oil injector pump blocked off...... is that a good thing??

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    With the high compression heads you just moved up to premium gas. Depending on where you are in the world, premium could be anywhere from 91 to 94 octane.Where i am it's 93. I wouldnt go less than 91.

    Premix is great for piece of mind of knowing youre not going to sieze if your oil injection malfunctions. But, its not for everyone. I'm often forced to refill on the water. Im not a total believer in mixing on the water.

    If you have the luxury of refilling at the load in ramp. Then premix would be the way to go.

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