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    Looking for advise on the next step. 05 Kawasaki stx-12f

    Well today I finally decided to take the bike out on the water. The engine sounds strong but i would go to take off and and having a cavitation issue. The ski would get up about 8mph and it was like a slipping clutch .. So got out the water loaded up go back to the house pull the jet pump off and started inspecting to see if I could see anything unusual. . I noticed on the bottom side of the wear ring I noticed not to bad but smooth rubbing from one vane of the impeller rubbing.. I took off the cone cap and I notice I have about .80 thousandths up and down play. I will post pictures. I have notice that I have a good bit of clearance between the impeller and the wear ring probably about a 16th of a inch. Gap between the impeller and the wear ring. I need some advice of what yall think I should do. It's either rebuild this jet pump if its possible or buy another jet pump.


    This is at the point it rubbing..

    This is the gap I was describing..

    This is the bottom of the pump the only area its rubbing, There is clearance every wheres else..

    Side note: if I had to take a wild guess when I was taking the pictures it either looks like the shaft is bent, or the bearings looks like they they were replaced and put in wrong.
    I Am hoping that atleast the housing is able to be saved..
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    looks like your impeller is over service limit. the gap on the side is supposed to be max .6mm. looks like the stainless liner has seen better days. If it looks like the liner is not concentric (meaning different distances from center) it probably has galvanic corrosion between the steel and the aluminum underneath. Some of the pictures look that way. if that's the case, start looking for a replacement pump. You don't have to get a new one unless you really want to... but their are plenty of used ones out there id you search ebay.

    Easy to rebuild /replace with a rebuild or new impeller. I just had to buy a replacement jet pump for my 900stx as my son bent the shaft with a rock. I found a pump for under 300 on ebay which is on the way now... I will rebuild it and put new bearings and seals in and stick it back in. You can do this. the 12fs are pretty reliable. the Dash meters suck but everything else is good if you perform your after ride maintenance and flushes.

    If your pump is not the issue here is replacement impeller for 129

    here is a Solas 14/20 for 250 but you can find for under 200 if you look.

    Here is bearing rebuild kit from WSM for like 62.

    Here is an 03 Pump on Ebay for under 350
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    Pull the impeller and check the wear ring to see if it shows signs of bubbling. It is really common for the liner to swell and push the stainless wear ring into the impeller. It almost always starts at the bottom of the pump.


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