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    GP 1800 rough travel on rough waters ?

    hi guys...

    i am riding an gp1800 2020 stage 2 at the moment and thinking..... maybe it is not the right ski for rough waters ..what did u think...

    i know an fx or rxtx300 would be the right choice.... i need to say i ride 90% rivers/lakes and 10% ocean....

    but how did all GP riders think of the handling in the chop ?

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    I don't know how choppy your river gets. I love my gp in the chop that my river throws at me because it still reminds me I'm on a ski.

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    2017 GP1800 on rough water.
    Stage 1 Plus MaptunerX tune.

    We ride standing up with flexed legs. Let the hull dance underneath your feet while upper body and head remains fairly stable.

    Worx extended length ride plate with Jim's cut takes some of the bounce out. The plate cut helps the hull track straight depsite the roughness and improves tracking during turns.

    Worx extended trim control rod with full trim down helps push the nose into the waves, reduces hull bounce at speed.
    Ride is jiggly rather than bouncy at speed with full trim down.
    Trim up makes the ride softer but does not allow as much speed without losing jet pump hook up.

    2019 OEM Yamaha GP1800R intake grate improves jet pump hook up.
    May switch to the Riva intake grate this year.

    Dean's extended steering nozzle helps with steering precision and response. Also leverages the extended trim control range.

    All of it together allows me to carry quite a lot of speed in fairly rough water. But it does take effort to hang onto the thing and read the water constantly.

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    my friend has a 15 fx svho stage 2+ (17lb wheel) and a 2019 gp svho stage 3+ (20lb wheel)...on choppy water he's out front when on the fx and in the rear when he's on the gp.

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    Gp can handle anything but an fx will give you a bit smoother ride and possibly dryer ride as well in the chop. I ride only in rivers and bay areas so I see plenty of chop. It just depends on how much you are sensitive to it all and how you ride most of the time. I will probably get an fx eventually but my gp is fully done up beyond even Rivas standard and it's very visceral and connected like a buoy racing ski. It's made to push in turns and accelerate hard oout of them. On a lake or light chop nothing is going to stop it but I always say who cares about racing in chop when it gets bad enough anyways... Def not fun and more dangerous if you have an 80 mph plus ski. I would say try a ride plate and sponsons first but most weekend riders are probably going to all eventually opt for the fx when they want to relax if it's in their budget. The gp is just so light and controllable and pointable. Fx is cream of the crop kinda best of all worlds in my eyes though because in reality like I said you are gonna go out on the weekends and your not going to win buoy races... You may find yourself having to cruise over some chop to that island or bar or house etc

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