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    light glowing thru hull

    I have a sportster 4tec and just notice that I can see light thru the hull in the engine compartment. It looks like the light you see if you shine a flash light on your hand. Starboard side from straight across the gas tank back to about the back side of engine. If you were on the outside of boat it would be where the lower crease or concave area on the yellow hull section is. Seems like its very thin, I have not cracks and pushed on it but it didnt seem soft. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the same in that area.

    I have the spider cracks near the cup holders on the inside also, but they seem to be very common. Any info would be appreciated though as far as the light shining thru.

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    Welcome sleightofhand!

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    Anyone have time to check on a sunny day?

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    I noticed this on my boat to.. It is where the to seams of the boat meet... I take it there is a top half and the bottom half and the meet and are covered by the rub rail...

    Its nothing to worry about, fiberglass is tuff stuff..

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    Thankyou for the reply, I had a very bad experience with a tigershark 1100r having a thin hull. Constantly cracking all the way through so now I am paranoid. The spider cracks by the cup holders and the cracking of the storage cover were already making me worry.

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