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    Unknown plastic in 4tec engine

    I was recently tearing down my 4tec 215, and when I was taking off the valve cover I noticed there was some chewed up plastic that appears to have ran straight through the timing chain and sprocket. Itís not either of the chain guides because both are still in place. Is there any other plastic in the engine that may have come up from the bottom half? I began this tear down because of low compression and I now believe I had bad timing not bad piston rings.

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    Does the timing gear have a plastic “cover” on it still? Take some pictures.

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    I started looking up pictures of different places inside the engine and the plastic cover on the camshaft gear was missing. After looking at the destroyed piece, it looks just like the cover. Now I just need to figure out if I really do have bad compression or it was just timing. I'm more inclined to say it was timing only because I can still see the crosshatching on the cylinder walls, but there still could be issues.

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