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    Miami to bahama ski recommendations.

    I'm a 2 stroke ski guy. But for this trip a 4 stroke would be alot more logical for both reliability and fuel economy.

    Looking for ski recommendations to tackle the waves.

    I'm used to 2 seater Polaris's. But I realise that I'm going to probably have to go with a newer yami or kawi.

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    Do you have a riding group that you would be going with to Bimini?
    If yes, the other riders in the group should be able to provide some input on hull brand/models and related 'good to know' info.

    Would you be buying new or used?

    Riding with passenger on open ocean water?

    Do you have prior experience riding in big water?

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    Currently in the planning stages. But would try to find a group.

    Used ski. Unless I find a dealer sale I cant pass up.

    More then likely single.

    Mainly inland lakes, but also sailed on a 42ft sailboat off the florida keys.

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    Find a used Yamaha FX HO. 2006+ would be great

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    How long does that take?

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    A KAWASAKI ULTRA non-supercharged would be a good boat for that run. Plenty if storage, and the hull was designed for off-shore riding.

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    I heard by ski from Miami , its like a 2 hour ride

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    Any group trips planned this year? Id be interested too.

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    Organized caravan with lead and trailing boats. Leads large flotilla. I went with a boat, but there are some that did jetski.

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    I would be interested in this type of trip once COVID is over. I am in the St. Petersburg area but will take the trip down for a weekend trip.

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