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    Kawasaki Knows How To Deliver…Your New JetSki to Your Home

    With everything going on in the world regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be hard to find the positive in any situation. While many of us have all be told to social distancing, wear masks and to stay healthy, how can you find the positive in our daily lives?
    The answer is Kawasaki Motor Corporation. Kawasaki has long been a name in the PWC industry with their beginning models of stand up JetSkis to now 300hp PWC’s that are being used to race offshore. While they may be a big company, they sure do know how to make each transaction personal. They are continuing to make each transaction personal by offering their new “Home Delivery Program.” They understand how COVID-19 presents a challenge but they still want to supply anything they offer to their customers.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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