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    GP1800R 10-Hour maintenance

    I hit 10 hours today and the only Yamaha dealer on the lake is booked 2 weeks out

    I donít have a hitch on my truck as of right now (Yeah, yeah), so Iím looking to just ask my marina to pull out my ski and work on it on my own. I believe I just need to change the oil, and not the filter, iirc, but I donít have any dealers that can get me yamalube till tuesday... any viable alternatives? Iíve heard great things about Mobil1, but wanted to see what everyone on here is running.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bro55 View Post
    I hit 10 hours today and the only Yamaha dealer on the lake is booked 2 weeks out

    ... get me yamalube till Tuesday...
    How many more hours would you be riding before Tuesday?

    The factory oil that is in there is not going to suddenly go bad with a handful of additional running hours, nor is the engine going to seize up.

    There are specific technical requirements for SVHO engine oil due to the superchargerís sprag clutch. Some automotive oils are not compatible with the clutch. I always use Yamalube 4W (not 4M, which is for outboard motors) in my own GP1800. We have two, both are well over 200 hours.

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    Same thing here only yamalube. Get the 10 hr service at the dealership so if you have any issues

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