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Thread: First service

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    First service

    I was quoted $250.00 for the 10 hour service. WTF!!! Is this right? Was told also that they replace the plugs. I figure at the most between oil and filter maybe thirty bucks worth of parts. I will do future services myself but wanted the initial one done by the dealer.......Problem is they are the only authorized dealer in town........OH well

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    Plugs? False. What good would it do to change the plugs at 10 hours? Nothing. It is an expensive oil change, but I personally think it's a good idea to have them do the first one too.

    $250 is a tad higher than average, but the cost of the 10-hour is usually over $200. I paid $220. They're not any different than a car dealership, their cash-cow is the service department.

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    Have them do it. That way they can't come back and say it wasn't broken in correctly. If they change the plugs (which isn't part of the 10 hr) tell them you want the old plugs. Then get an oil extractor and read up on how to do the oil changes and pump grease servicing yourself---the dealer cost just gets higher.

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