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    does anyone know why a gp1200 came with different sized primaries?

    Hey guys, looking to upgrade my bn44s on my 99 gp1200 to the the "carb recipe", do oside bills fuel pump mod and bolt on some flame arrestors. However, my my stock primary jets are very stuck and im worried ill f#ck the carbs trying to get them out. Is there a reason yamaha went with different sized primaries?

    this is the current setup on my rebuilt engine
    primaries 100, 95, 97.5 (cyl 1,2,3)
    secondaries 135 135 135
    n/s 1.2 1.2 1.2
    r&d ride plate
    r&d intake grate
    top speed 102km/hr on glass. gps tested

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    I believe it has as bit to do with both cylinder temps and air flow through the air box into each carb.

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