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    88 wr500 problem

    A friend has a 88 wr500 with a lack of spark. It has always ran great, when he pulled it out of storage this sping it started right up but
    the second time he started it it ran for 3 seconds and died. It turns over,
    but no spark. Bypassed the killswitch but still no spark, so my question is
    how do we know if its the cdi or the reg\module. Is there a way to test
    these or is one more prone than the other to die. Also, does anyone know
    where we can pick up these items used besides e-bay, Thanks, Phil

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    there are good test diagnostics in the factory service manuels...most are ohm and continuity checks,then it's on to the infamous, 'get a known good part' test....there are ski recycle yards selling direct...You can run a search here on ghpf, thou I'm sure one of the fellows will chime in shortly with info...
    on a WR ,Ebay IS your friend...
    I'll look in my books for a test diagnostic and fax it to you if think a certian piece is bad...P/M ME
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    I have a 1990 model that has lost spark. It sparks, Just not "good" spark.. I am checking grounds now, kinda leaning to a cdi any ideas??

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