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    Puget Sound Pix

    Here are some pix from last weekend. Not postcard quality cuz it was overcast but remarkably calm. You can see the Narrows Bridge in one. Ol' Sparky the sea lion in another. McNeil Island State Pen in another. Can't get too close to McNeil or you'll draw fire. Talk about ridin in chop! Now in the last 2 you can see I'm razn the ante on ya'll. Before I got into jet skiin I was into high power model rocketry. Not the black powder kind we made as kids. This is a rough scale of a 1970's vintage AGM-12 Bulldog. Burns ammonium perchlorate slugs, similar to the space shuttle boosters. Photo shows her maiden flight when I earned my HPR Level 2 Cert. Dual barometric altimeters, 1 drogue & 1 main chute etc. Drop the hammer & its 650 ft lbs of thrust in bout .2 secs. Can add 2nd &3rd stage with accelerometers and/or mercury switch timers. You can go much bigger but then you have to consent to no notice BATF premises search 24/7. Workin on the riggin still for Big Blue. Worried a tad bout backblast. Need an asbestos lined neoprene suit for safety. Can't carry her too near the Bremerton Naval Shipyards or Bangor Submarine Base cuz she'll draw a CG inspection fer sure. Arco hookup won't help. But here is the point. If yer talkin smack and get within 1 mile of me on the open sound, lessin iffin you can go 600mph and have lightnin reflexes it just may be lights out without me goin past idle!
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