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    i have same year oil pump, if you need one or go that route let me know, thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    Thread showing oil pump remove and reinstall with SVHO engine in GP1800 hull.
    Done as part of SVHO clutch R&R.

    We didnt know where the oil was coming from originally. The mechanic said he had to remove the engine to see exactly whats going on. Atleast I know for next time. Shitty that I have to pay him for all that labour though now.

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    I think I still have a damaged oil pump that you can take that seal from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    I think I still have a damaged oil pump that you can take that seal from.

    OMG THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!!!!! When could you find out!?

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    I may be looking at the exact same issue on my 18 FX SVHO. Losing tons of oil. Beyond normal. Oil pooled in front of engine. no idea how that gasket could go bad unless like K447 has mentioned it is damaged during build.

    Iím taking to the dealer because Iím not sure if I can handle this job. Looks like a lot of blind bolts to find during disassembly and Reassembly.

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    If you can turn a rachet, you can remove the oil pump. its just 12 bolts, 4 hard to see but all there on front and slides off.

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