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    Ooooo....This summer is starting to get interesting

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    Interesting. I wonder if skip or anyone else have tried that yet. I would be curious to see it used on a bone stock ski to see just how much increase we can get.

    if you clamp it down too much, won't that put additional load on the motor? If you open it up beyond stock of 82mm would that not increase rpms? Or am I backwards?

    Sorry it is late.

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    This mod is still in testing.

    Several different sizes. So getting results from all of them will take a bit.

    Nozzle rings have always been that secret weapon at the races. Race one moto then do a swap for the next.

    Smaller inside diameter has helped top end but taken it from the bottom. Same as larger ringer take from the top but give to the bottom. Though some rings help find that sweet spot.

    As this gets more water time Ill show results. It will take time though. This is going to be one of the easiest yet most complicated test Ive done yet.

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    keep up the good work......

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