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    Question Go Faster 1998 GSX Limited

    Wut would be the best mods for the money for a 1998 GSX Limited

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    Have a look at this post. I have it for sale. With these parts I was out running Honda Turbos. RX, XP, RX-DI's

    let me know

    For $650 you cant beat the gains...

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    welcome egg,
    I would start with flame arrestors(Fly/Prok) and jetting followed by a trip to the dealer to set the timing at +2*.

    It'll be about $60 for parts and 4 AA batteries to bring to the dealer(to borrow their programer as thier batteries are dead). Small $ with big results.

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    also get a 3 hole base gasket and then measure your squish, then cut the head to get it to 65 thousandths. With the rejet kit, flame arrestors and +2* timing, you can then put a 15/20 concord in that ski and you will see some positive speeds, 64/65 mph.
    Get a DI waterbox as well if you can find one, I may have 2 for sale here pretty soon. Along with that, get you a 97 1/2 gsxl white pipe.

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