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    Very helpful. Thanks. For reference I see approx 60psi at idle when dead cold first start. But that drops way down to 25 when warmed up. Testament to letting an engine warm up before doing WOT.


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    Update. I've run a full tank of fuel through and the ski is running well. 7450 RPM/14 PSI/64 mph on GPS. Only a couple of issues I still need to address: (1) small water leak from the exhaust manifold, and (2) cavitation on a hole shot. I ordered a rebuilt stock prop.

    I'll pull the exhaust manifold and install a new gasket. I had to reuse the one I had with copper spray as I changed out the manifold due to a busted bolt. I didn't have a new one handy, but won't make that mistake again.

    I also ordered the CandooPro GPS module, which as I understand will also remove the limiter.

    It's a really nice ski, strong acceleration and corning, pretty smooth in mild chop. Ski is super clean, freshwater and had <100 hours. It sure drinks fuel at full throttle!

    What I did:

    - Used 310 case and crank
    - Used 300 rods (thanks @grumpy_stephen)
    - New windage trays
    - New rod bolts/nuts
    - New piston rings
    - New piston pin snap rings
    - New main and rod bearings (plastiguaged)
    - New supercharger belt
    - Cleaned and spray tested injectors
    - New supercharger intake pipe (flange was broken)
    - Used exhaust manifold (due to broken bolt)
    - Lapped all valves and checked valve lash
    - All new gaskets
    - Cleaned intercooler
    - Tested oil pressure relief valve
    - Tested oil cooler thermostat per shop manual
    - Checked pump bearings
    - New Iridium spark plugs
    - New Odyssey PC625 battery and Battery Tender

    Might keep this one for a while. Though, I let my buddy in the neighborhood ride it yesterday, and now he wants to buy it.


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