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    Can someone explain this- 2000 Virage tx

    Why would someone disconnect the blk/w wire from the LR-505?
    Wiring diagram shows it connects to the starter solenoid.

    New to Polaris... thanks for the help

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    Read up on the diagnostic bypass for the LR-505 module. There are two Black/white wires involved. One from the LR-505 module itself, and that (normally) connects to another Black/White wire coming from the start solenoid coil.

    The ‘ground’ circuit for the solenoid coil (normally) routes through the LR-505 and then continues on to the MFI display. The MFI has a ‘security mode’ which can prevent engine cranking.

    During diagnostics it can be useful to skip all that and directly ground (to the black wire terminals) the Black/White wire for the start solenoid coil.

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    Ahh that explains it.. the MFI is full of water and shorted internally.
    thank you very much!

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