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    Oil pump on genesis??

    I just got done rebuilding the motor on the 99 genesis injected. I took it to the ramp and fired it up. Needless to say we will not have any skeeters for a while. How do I check to see if the oil pump is working?? I took off the longest oil tube form the carb and had very little if NO flow. I have bleed the screw but don't want to trash out this engine cause of a faulty oil pump. When I was checking it the boatwas at idle and I moved the oil lever to max with little or no change.


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    This is what I do .Cleen screen in feed to Pump .Let oil flow to end of hose to pump and air is gone before fitting hose on .I usually have pump off engine cover and use drill with arbor in end and turn the pump by the drive .Open the lever to full on the pump valve control that is connected to the throttle body by cable .With the longest hose off first prime the oil through till the oil is free of air bubbles ..Connect each hose at a time starting furtherest from the pump .Do that on all lines then refit all the pump etc .make sure the index mark is lined up on the lever and the pump housing .As some added protection I put Premix oil down the intakes on the engine and open the throttle valves so that the oil sits in the intake to the engine .Open the doors when you start it up and when you have it going lift the lever to the max on the oil pump and it should emit extra smoke if all is well



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    Lightbulb Oil pump prime

    Heres what I did to prime my oil pump although on a carburated motor. Keep in mind this procedure was done on the trailer at the ramp in the water so the ski can run for an extended period. First fill the lines w/ oil as much as possible-a syringe works well for this. If you want to watch for flow, disconnect the oil lines where they enter the motor. Take fuel line from water seperator and stick it in a gas can full of pre-mix. Crank er up on the pre-mix, watch the lines;the oil will start to flow momentarily. You can hold the pump lever open to make the flow faster. Again, this was on a carb`d ski. I dont know if pre-mix thru the injectors would damage them, but I think not.

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    when you move the arm at idle it is not going to come out like a fire hose. It is a metered system that also relies on rpms. Second do not premix this is hard on the injectors and could create a lean issue.

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