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    What to expect-initial start up with rebuilt carburetors

    I have a 2000 XL 1200 limited (95hrs) with the 66v PV motor. New rebuilt SBT motor. Did a break-in last fall. Motor has only a few hours on it. The carbs were rebuilt by same guy who installed the motor but was having some issues and decided to tear it apart myself and rebuild. Iím hands on but at the time it just made sense to have someone else do it. What I found he didnít do really made my confidence in him sink. The needle and seats werenít replaced and whether or not he replaced some of the seals is questionable. Moving forward I did the rebuild and started it up last weekend. Was surprised it started right up and idles way better than last fall. Can let it sit for minutes, hours or days and it starts right back up without any choke or accelerator pumping. Iím guessing thatís a good sign. On to the question......
    since thereís not much to tune other than setting the idle Iím well aware everything will perform differently in the water once under load. It seems thereís a slight hesitation when I hit the idle. It comes and goes if I keep pumping the idle. Just wondering if this is normal for initial startup. If I rev it up a little it does sound good. I set low mixture at 1.5 turns out and high at 1 turn out. I also went through the entire fuel system and cleaned out every line made sure it was clear and replaced as necessary. Did the drilled return mod also. I did a full replacement of the oil lines and verified pumping all the way to carbs.
    Any comments on what to expect is appreciated. Iím fairly new to wave runners and hoping to get it in the water soon.

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    I have not had the 'pleasure' of working on the power valve engines, but there are upgrades to the power valves. Do a search here for 'Wave Eater Clips'.

    Apparently there is not much to adjust on these carbs. I've heard that there have been problems with the accelerator pumps and some people remove them, but to my knowledge, that's on the Yamaha boats. Don't know about the Waverunners.

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