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    2002 GTX 155 with 2009 155 long block swap....problems

    I have a 2002 GTX 155 4tec that dropped a valve last summer. I found a very low hour 2009 GTX to get the motor out of. Last weekend I pulled the motors and dropped the 2009 long block into my 2002. I used all the electronics, intake, fuel injection and all other external items from the 2002. Also swapped over the PCV system for the 2002 parts. At this point the only thing in my 2002 thats 2009 is the long block and the PTO houseing with crank pickup. It all went together like it was made to be there. Got the ski in the water on the trailer. Fired right up. Sounded like brand new. Rode it a few hundred yards from the ramp to my lilly pad. Ran like a new one. Checked the fluids again and checked for water in the hull. All good. An hour or so later took it for a ride. Ran great through the no wake zone. Came up on plane and was doing great for about the first half mile. Then fell on its face and went into limp home mode. Was missing and sputtering all the way back to my slip. Tried unhooking the battery cables today and it didnt change at all. I have no way to get codes as the cluster hasnt worked in several years. Im hearing that the motor isnt compatible and that it is. Not sure what to believe so I thought this would be the place to get the straight scoop. Any advice would be awesome.

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    Well, first i would change the spark plugs. If that doesn't work
    Gas, is it from last summer?
    Things your going to have to check are fuel pressure, oil pressure, engine temp, exhaust temp, compression check
    Exhaust leak at the band clamp?
    Exhaust leak inside the hull.

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    You may not have water in the Exhaust for the sensor , or did you make sure inlet mani was not full of water or debris

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