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    External Intercooler Intake

    I bought two non-running 2004 RXPs, one that the timing chain broke, and one that the supercharger gear let loose. I found two 2004 GTX Limited skis as well, they had no titles and had been sitting for nearly a decade after running in saltwater, but I picked up both skis for $400. I removed the engines and was going to use parts from those engines for the RXPs, but started learning about the differences.

    The gear on the supercharger has 17 teeth instead of 16 teeth like the RXPs. The flywheel on the GTXs has 86/86 teeth, instead of 86/87 teeth like the RXP. The oil strainer cover is different on the "front" of the engine toward the front of the ski. The pistons have a slight dish to them, but I have learned they are cast instead of forged. It looks like someone had the RXP engines apart at some point as well, because I found one of the heads had different guides so the stock valve seals didn't fit, and that one of the engines had 2 of the stock forged Mahle stamped pistons and 1 of the pistons that is identical to what I pulled out of the GTX.

    I am going to pick up a pair of front covers as the gerotor pumps are trashed on my RXP ones, and use the rear/mag covers from the GTX as those are identical to the RXP ones. I am going to have to buy two flywheels and use the GTX magnetos. I will need to rebuild one supercharger and one is already rebuilt, but I am going to check that it is done correctly before it is installed. I will try to use the low hours GTX parts wherever possible, they only had 75 hrs on the skis!

    There is a supercharger oiler, that I don't believe was installed on the RXP engines, 420856012. I saw this oiler on a 3 deep video on youtube, but mine didn't have that, nor did the GTX engines? Is this normal? Did they only come on in certain years? Can I add it on for better supercharger life? I am reading through the shop manual page by page, and work on many different vehicles/engines, and have had 720/787 engines in the past that I have rebuilt, worked on, etc.

    My real question is that can I use the non-integral intercooler intake from a GTX and an external intercooler from a 260RXP instead of using the blockoff plate for the RXP intakes integral intercooler?

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    Yes I used a 155 hp intake on my 07 rxp with a fizzle kit

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    Awesome, any pictures of the install? I figured it would be cheaper than a block off plate since I have one just sitting around.

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    It looks the exact same just without the clamp that holds the block off in place or the water supply for the internal intercooler

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    Sorry I should been more specific, looking for pics of the external intercooler install. The intake is as you say, identical in appearance/installation, with the exception of being blocked off from the factory. I have a stock intercooler, just trying to see the where and how behind bracket, hold downs, plumbing, etc. Thanks!

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