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    What % off of MSRP is considered a good deal?

    Hi All,

    As I stated in a prior post, I am considering a low-hour 310LX or similar 2-3 year-old machine. If I don't go this route, then I am going to buy new. I've purchased multiple new snowmobiles lately, so I know what a good deal is on a snowmobile. I don't know what a good deal is on a new PWC. I'm sure variables such as time of year and location matter a lot. Well, it's springtime here in Chicagoland. We also have this damn virus happening, so I'm guessing that people are buying less PWC's, but who knows. Anyway, what would be a good deal (% off MSRP) on a 2019 or 2020 310-series machine? I'm not 100% sure yet which exact 310 I want. I see that several of the 2019 models have $1,000 mfr. rebates on them. Thank you for your help! I promise to contribute here (vs. just ask questions) once I am more experienced with these machines. I know it needs to be a 2-way street.


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    From what I've heard, dealer markups really aren't that much, 15-20%. I tend to buy at the end of the season when they just want to dump them and Kawasaki helps out with factory incentives. Of course, this doesn't help if you want to ride this summer.

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