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    corrosion protection

    anybody put zinc on their ski ?
    i only do salt water riding. when i bought the ski it was already some years old, and it have been laid up in saltwater for 3 months. the ladder in the rear is almost gone because of corrosion. i had it for some years now and i see corrosion all over the ski, i was thinking of maybe putting sacrificial zinc on the water jet pump to stop this ? i used to work offshore and on our " man over board" boats with water jets we always had zinc on the jet.

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    Cathodic protection is always a good idea! Yamaha does it, don't know why Kawasaki won't.

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    There is no substitute for good post ride care plan.....if they put a zinc on people will think they can now neglect them more because it has one.... when in reality zinc's do stuff all protection in the big picture for the WHOLE ski....

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