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    Quote Originally Posted by Jboss View Post
    Thank you for the tips, Chris. I appreciate it. I have a few follow-up questions:
    - How often does the exhaust filter need to be checked? I'll be riding on an inland lake with occasional weeds but not excessive.
    - What do you mean by "address the belt tensioner"? Is it a known problem and needs to be replaced/adjusted?
    - For cleaning the intercooler, should I just follow instructions in the manual? Does it just entail flushing from the rear "silver" fitting with a garden hose and that's it? How often is this done?

    Thanks again for your help!
    Intercooler cleanup frequency often depend on engine oil level, if the engine oil level is to high, the oil blowby will tend to get the intercooler dirty, keeping the oil level just above the add mark will keep you from cleaning the intercooler

    after 100 hrs and fooging the supercharger frequently, i pull the supercharger for cleanup, suprised, there was no oil sludge at all on the inside finns

    My second 300x, i brought it to dealer of oil change, they put in half a quart to much and after a few ride the intercooler was full of sludge.

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    370+hrs in total. Pictures about was just taken about three weeks ago. At that time I had 179 hrs of run time prior to the last time I pulled and cleaned intercooler. That was at 174hr(first time). I use go ole WD-40 since we owed the ski. Spray after anytime we ride brackish & saltwater trips! Spray while motor is running hooked to hose for 10-15 seconds. This go around the intercooler looked better then the first time. Neither time the fins didn’t have any real gunk are film buildup to speak of. Ski is used 75-80% in brackish/saltwater environments. I greased the idle pulley assembly tensioner bushing during those times as well.

    Billy D
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