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    No Coolant 07 RXT

    Hey Guys,
    I need some advice. My daughter took my 2007 RXT out and within 10 mins she said it stopped and would not restart. I just now looked at it and there is NO coolant in the reservoir. I don't even see coolant in the bottom but I have a bilge pump that may have sucked it out. The oil seems fine and NOT milky or over filled. Any suggestions how to test and find the leak? Also is there a built in safety feature to turn off the engine when there is no coolant (God I hope so)?

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Well, Look at the thermostat housing, may have blown apart. If not, add water and see where the leak is
    Hoses? ride plate? Oil cooler? Water pump seal? (will leak at weep hole)
    Get a pressure tester so you can pressurize the system if you can find the leak with just adding water.

    How did she get home when it quit on her? Was it towed? If so, remove the spark plugs and see if it full of water.

    Does it crank and not start or not even crank?

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