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    Just bought a 2020 fx svho cruiser! Super excited!

    Ended up going new with the cruiser ski with yamaha rebates and all. Just dont know if I should get a new yachtclub spring aluminum trailer or a triton elite with torsion. Torsion is 400 bucks more. I want the best riding trailer for my 2016 deans river beast and the new 2020 cruiser.

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    Comparing a Yacht Club to a Triton, is like comparing a Hyundai Pony to a Cadilac Escalade.
    ZERO COMPARISON, spend the extra $400 you will be glad you did. Triton torsion are the BEST tracking and handling trailers, bar none.

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    2020 fx svho cruiser
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    Thanks for the quick reply. The sales guy was saying I wouldnt notice a difference from his yacth club to the triton. He sells only spring trailer of both makes. From what I have read online people praise the torsion.

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    When torsion trailers go bad, major repairs are going to require the axle to be cut off. They really aren’t designed to be totally overhauled.
    Leaf spring last a very long time and easy to repair but, noisey.

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    I replaced my Titan torsion axle and it just unbolts.

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    i like my titan single its spring. i use to have a shorelander double it was a good made trailer also. but if those are ur 2 choices i would go titan...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjk6119 View Post
    When torsion trailers go bad, major repairs are going to require the axle to be cut off. They really aren’t designed to be totally overhauled...
    Incorrect. Every aluminum trailer with a torsion axle I have ever seen had the axle bolted in place.

    The torsion axle itself is painted or galvanized steel (I recommend galvanized if possible). Two bolts at each end of the axle hold it to the trailer frame.

    Lifetime of a torsion axle is many years. Eventually the rubber cords inside can degrade or corrosion can work its way inside. Replacement torsion axles are available, not hugely expensive, and not difficult to install.

    I replaced both torsion axles on my modified Triton WC2-2, as part of a larger upgrade. The original axles were in great condition and were sold.

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    Triton elite all the way.

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    I have a 2018 FX HO and a 2020 FX SVHO Limited. I went with the Triton elite and its a nice trailer. I will say its not designed for a ski as long as the FX. Mine hang off the back about 20". You can adjust the winch arm to bring the skis up to be flush with the bunks but the weight gets really far forward and you can use the gas rack at all. When I bought the set up the guys at the shop adjusted the trailer to make the ski's flush but it was sketchy to tow. I ended up adjusting it back to get the engines over the axle. As far as build quality and features though its really nice. Not sure about the the other trailer your considering.

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