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    Alright, I'm gonna take the bait on this one. With all of us stuck at home thanks to the china virus, we've got plenty of time on our hands.

    I'm probably going to get flamed for this but that's okay. We're all "jet ski cyber friends!"

    I always get a real kick out of people who say how bad the older, pre-2015 VXR/VXSs ride. "Barely better than a sheet of plywood hull?" I've always wondered what y'all are talking about. Up until February 2016, the only skis I'd ever owned were the old school, small, 2-stroke skis.

    I bought my 1994 Raider brand new in 1994. I acquired my 1997 GP1200 from my brother who bought it brand new. I bought a pair of non-running 1996 Sea Doo XP skis and got them running. The best rough water boat of them all was the slightly larger GP1200 but even it sucked in the chop. That '94 WaveRaider truly is a "sheet of plywood hull!" Needs a football field of water to make a 180 degree turn and will knock your fillings out in chop over about 1' max. Very light and very unstable.

    All I ever knew was small, 2-stroke skis. I didn't know how bad they handled the chop until I got a modern, big 4-stroke. The first modern ski I bought was a brand new, leftover, beautiful blue 2013 VXR from a Yami dealer in Dallas. This was Feb, 2016. At the time, they also has a red 2014 VXR. When I got it back home and took it out on Lake Conroe, I was absolutely blown away by how good it handled. Not just the chop but even in the smooth water. I couldn't believe that such a large heavy ski could cut and carve like it was on rails. It was by far the best handling ski I'd ever ridden in 22 yrs of PWC experience. And power! Wow! It flat blew everything else I owned away by almost 10mph on the top end. Now I know that the 2-stroke GP1300, GP1200r as well as Kawasaki Ultra 150s were also very, very fast but I've never ridden one.

    I've told many people that if I knew how good that blue 2013 VXR was when I was at the Dallas dealership, I would've purchased the red 2014 VXR as well! In fact, about 2 yrs ago I purchased a used, 65 hr 2012 VXS. The VXR and VXS run identical GPS speeds and handle wonderfully.

    In August 2019, I finally bought my first supercharged ski; a clearance priced, brand new GP1800R. I thought the older VXR/VXS handled great but this ski is phenomenal. Even though the handling is phenomenal, I wouldn't say it's "night and day" better than the older VXR/VXS. It's better and it handles the chop a little better. The performance is outstanding!

    All of this being said, jstan, I think an FX or one of the big, heavy Kawasaki skis will be the best for rough water handling. My lake gets so rough in the summer that I really can't use any of my skis. Early on the weekdays only. Forget about any time on the weekends!

    jstan, I just re-read one of your posts and noticed that you've got a yellow VXR. I love those yellow skis. There used to be one here on Lake Conroe on a PWC lift. I would always ride by it and lust over it. Unfortunately, they got rid of it about 2 yrs ago.

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    I love your message dannyual777! You're spot on, and I'm being harsh, obviously. But you're exactly right. I actually got the VXR because I wanted 1) a light, playful ski that you still felt when you were riding, and 2) I wanted that yellow waverunner to match our yellow Manitou pontoon boat. And it's been great fun the past 6 years, and I don't think I could bring myself to get rid of it, but I dunno. One of my criteria now is to buy another mostly yellow one if I do anything.

    When I bought the VXR I was going from a regular VX, and a brief stint with a 800XL, and that first ride on that VXR was an almost religious experience. The thing turns like its 20" shorter than it is by some magic, and despite having no trim, seems to dial in to just the right spot easily. After sealing up the pump and installing a Solas impeller and upgraded intake grate, there's zero cavitation. And when I finally broke down and took out the ribbon and installed a K&N style air filter, the ski hauls not just from 0-30 but all the way to 50 mph (of course, after 30 is where you SC guys pull away really quick!) And to this day when I get to ride it, I feel the same way. I love it...

    ...EXCEPT for the fact that our lake is only getting busier and my time to ride shorter, and 1-2' chop on the VXR requires constant high speed to stay on top of it or taking a beating and slogging through it in the 40s or slower. If I could have everything the 2013 VXR is with a significant improvement in the harsh ride in chop, I'd call it perfect. I suspect that if I buy an FX SVHO I'd love the speed/acceleration but miss the "fun factor" of the VXR.

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    keep the vxr and buy a use fx...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dannyual777 View Post
    ... GP1800R ... this ski is phenomenal. Even though the handling is phenomenal ... it handles the chop a little better. The performance is outstanding!

    The GP1800(R) hull can be quite fast even in chop but the ride tends to be jiggly at speed over water that is not smooth. The current FX hull is generally better in this regard.

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    It's been a few years since we shared some info and I had the same ski as you in yellow. I loved how fast it was for an NA ski. My wife road a 2012 VX. We ride Lake Erie and it's very seldom smooth. Most of the time we're in 2-3 footers and sometimes more. My wife was taking a pounding and so was I but I could take it a little more, I guess. Well, in 2018, my wife got a 2018 FXHO. We'd be out riding and I was taking a pounding on the VXR. She be smiling the whole time but I was a little faster and happy for that. Finally, after all her smiles, I said let me ride it. Wow, what a nicer ride but you could tell it was a bigger ski. We traded on and off and finally I said I'm getting an FXHO. The 2013 VXR went to my daughter and I pre-ordered a 2019 FXHO. Once break-in was over and I could play, the 2019 does feel a little bigger than the 2013 VXR but it handles so much better than the 2018 FXHO. The turning is great. Instead of the flatter ride in a turn and the back end sliding in the 2018, the 2019 leans over like being on a motorcycle and carves the turn. Sure, I went from 69mph to 60-61mph via GPS, but the nicer ride and handling makes up for it. We do a lot of cruising at around 40mph and will do a minimum of 75 miles or more each time out. For me and the rougher water, I'm very happy with the 2019 FXHO. Sure the little faster acceleration and top speed of the VXR was fun but at the end of our ride, I don't feel beat up and had a great ride. If the water is rough, we both say, let's go and have fun. A friend has a 2014 VXR, same as the 2013 hull, and we did a few rides together. It was fun to watch him take a pounding while my wife and I were enjoying the ride. The new VXRs are about 4-5mph faster than the FXHO but still don't ride as smooth in the rough and that's unfortunately our water, rough. Maybe you could find somebody to let you take a ride on a FXHO but there is a big handling difference between the 2018 and the 2019's new hull. I guess if you wanted to be somewhere in the middle, the newer VXR would be the one but the FX is such a nice riding ski. If you have any specific questions, PM me. Good luck on your decision and hope we all can get out this year. Stay safe and healthy.

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