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    Deans vs Riva Got both in hand finally

    I have only ever ridden a modded FZ. My 09 was decently modded, and ran great. it was Dean team tuned.

    This winter picked up this lower hour 2016 svho, it too had deans team tune in it.

    I upgraded the intercooler(fizzle/tial), and live at a different elevation so sent ECU back to Dean to be upgraded. Now its 9300 limiter, and mods are in my sig. Basically all the main parts, retainers and stock wheel

    64 degrees out side 9100 rpms and 18.1 lbs of boost
    80 out side and 8800 and 16.5 lbs of boost.

    Scooped a Riva tuned ECU for my ski, and a used maptunerX the other day, waiting on the Yamaha cable (used maptunerx I got only has the seadoo cable)

    looking forward to seeing both tunes on same ski. seems like everyone is hard in deans camp or hard for jesus at Riva. I want to know if I as a rec rider can tell or feel a difference with a dialed in Riva, vs dial in deans.

    Results to follow. I have no issues with Deans tune, but I wish I could swap tunes with out mailing the ecu. like a low octane. so wanted to see for my self...
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