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    Quote Originally Posted by mittens View Post
    I asked the seller if he could provide me with anything as he paid Jorge @ JV Performance for the tune. his response was he does not have the time t chase that back down from a year ago, and to send it back..
    That there tells you alot... Take Care Mittens Will look forward to the comparison later on.

    Be Safe
    C J

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctct2118 View Post
    Same thing happened to me. He tries to say that on alot of ecus to keep from having to deal with them. If it has his sticker on it he'll say someone messed with it. Just a waist to deal with any of that.
    I have sent a number of ecus to Dean.. All tuned with out issues. I have also sent ecus with other tunes on it to have them to be reflashed by him with out issue. It sounds like the issue here is your wanting it changed for free.. If it's not his tune. So you have to buy a tune.. No different then any other tuner.

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    Crap man sorry I was looking forward to the results

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    Quote Originally Posted by JESUS G View Post
    From Jesus To Mittens

    I'll send you an email in 5 min... i think I have a way to help you out.
    Mittens, was Jesus G able to help you out with the tune?

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    Guys, this thread has been cleaned up. Please cut out the name calling and mud slinging!!

    Thank you!

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    I was not able to get the issue fixed. So I sent the ECU back (hope to get my money back).
    Returned the yamha cables to Riva.
    and Sold the MaptunerX I got to a buddy.

    once all the refunds clear I will order a Riva pressure regulator and just adjust for weather with deans tune.

    and the rare times I am forced to use lower octane, I will use Torco and ride it easy. Sucks as I wanted to finally see if a average rider could feel the difference from two of the main tuning people. But was not going to keep spending money to go down that rabbit hole. Not cheap to buy a second ECU, maptunerx, and license and stuff just to test and then go back to one ha

    I will say Jesus was super helpful and his customer service through the whole process and my questions still make me want to do business with Riva. just wish they could have helped more in this situation.

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