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    All the ramps here in the San Diego and Orange County areas are closed. They have also closed all the beaches where you could launch from as well. I just bought a 2020 FX SVHO Limited and I want to get out and ride.

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    Ramps and lakes in Wisconsin are open

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjk6119 View Post
    In NC all ramps are closed. No were to go riding or fishing.

    I know wildlife suggest to Farrington to close, but have not heard if they did. We tried to go to Poe's last weekend and they where parked on the sides of the road all the way out past the gates.

    Did Harris close?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yellow jacket View Post
    can they shut down privite ramps. i thought fishing was allowed as a source of food.
    Jordan Lake is open, just can't back in a boat (only the ramps and campgrounds are closed)... You can carry it in..

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2fast4u View Post
    The ramps at Kerr Lake are open only the ramps associated with a camp ground are closed. GO ride there. Day Use and Boat Ramp Areas Currently Open:
    Liberty Hill
    Tailrace Park – Picnic Shelter Closed
    Eastland Creek
    Eagle Point
    Rudds Creek – Boat Ramp Only
    Staunton View
    Longwood – Boat Ramp Only
    Island Creek – Boat Ramp Only
    Ivy Hill – Boat Ramp Only
    2fast4u all these boat ramps are in Virginia? I don`t think we are allowed to travel out of NC ?? I might not be right on that info.

    Thanks Tommy

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    Quote Originally Posted by CanDooPro - Dennis View Post
    Jordan Lake is open, just can't back in a boat (only the ramps and campgrounds are closed)... You can carry it in..
    I was at the Ranger`s station off Route 64 today and they were closed and not one boat on the lake. I also went to Cross Winds Boat Center on Jordan Lake and spoke with John. They are closed too. Where did you put in at?

    You said " You can carry it in.."

    The last time I carried my Fx-SVHO across the beach to the water I had so many girls all over me ... I could not stop them....

    All are closed

    Farrington Point Boat Ramp

    Ebenezer Church Boat Ramp

    Poe's Ridge Boat Ramp

    New Hope Boat Ramp


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    The campgrounds are closed in northern Arkansas but the ramps are still open and they've waived fishing licenses too. Anybody can fish. I'm still getting calls and have had 5 skis brought in for repairs this week.

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    i heard boats and skies were out on lake anna va last guessing public ramps are open if not then people can get in on private ramps still.

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    According to the NCWRC website, most ramps in NC should be open. I went out last weekend, and I think everyone else did too.

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    Queensland, Australia. All recreational boating closed unless fishing for food. And then only two people allowed per boat unless immediate family that reside together.

    Hoping to to get my boat out for a fish, but the poor ski is going to be parked up for a long time.

    Could I put a hand line in my glove box and go for a blast out to the reef. “Sorry officer I’m fishing for food”

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