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    Yamaha Snowmobile Purchase

    Well I liked my 2019 Yamaha FX SVHO so much I bought a 2020 Yamaha Sidewinder S-XT GT snowmobile (sled or among the Yamaha experts its called a "Winder"). Winders are part of a sled family just like the FX is a family of ski's. Both are fast but with the sled instead of waves/rocks you need to watch out for trees and you need a heated visor! (trees don't move)

    The real reason is both are 4 strokes. Like the PWC industry I think the snowmobile industry is slowly shifting to 4 strokes. Polaris sleds are basically 2-Stroke. I'm sure K447 knows more PWC industry and the shift to 4 stroke.

    So everybody who rides their Waverunners all year, us up north we just shift powersports (toys)

    Anyways, have a good summer and stay safe. Thanks

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    I'd almost have to say the opposite with the 4 stroke snowmobiles. 2020 was actually the last production (we know of) of the sidewinder mountain BTX. they as of 2021, they created their first two stroke since the Mountain Max, which the name held, it seems to be just a Rebranded a ArcticCat Alpha. I love the look of the Yamahas, they dominate the mountain segment in Europe if you can believe that. The Swedish love those torque-y beasts! As for the other companies, Skidoo owns the market for variety of sleds, they are the leaders in pushing for new tech. Polaris focuses on their 2 strokes. on the west coast, they are so abundant! Arctic Cat is teamed up with Textron and Yamaha, not much information comes out of them besides their preordering sleds to prevent over manufacturing.

    All-in-all, all the companies are fantastic, you can't go wrong, everyone of them has a offer one might like over the other. There still is so much brand bashing going around lol I've heard it so much this year on the mountain. What size Track length and lug did you get?

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    Also, We ride here on the west coast of California in the mountains around Tahoe and Oregon and the two strokes are abundant up here. I cannot say if it is the same for the flatter east coast. I would for sure buy a 4 stroke for the speed and ease and longevity.

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    I thought the 2-strokes were banned from many parks years ago. Not so?

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    Here on the west coast, I haven't ran into any bans or restrictions for two strokes in the mountains. Of Course, Yellowstone and other National parks or state parks only allow four stroke guided or no sleds at all. I have only seen one mountain four stroke in the hills and I was dying to try it out but I didn't know the guy.

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    Four strokes are nice ridden both
    Engine braking is a good thing
    the same as a two stroke dirtbike versus four stroke dirtbike always felt I could go faster on four strokes more linear power asThe two strokes when that power band hits itís uncontrollable The wheel spends more Violently
    but I will never give up a two stroke dirtbike
    love the smell of 2strokes at the races in the old days wierd huh ?
    The main thing about a two stroke snowmobile is you want fuel injection that way that motor will run the best it can at any altitude itís a pain in the butt when you want to go higher and you would half to Rejet when you wanted to go higher
    I do not miss the days of getting stuck in loose powder -canít breathe at high altitudeís easily tired
    when you are at speed in powder always loved the sensation of it kind of floating rocking back-and-forth
    A lot of people get hurt they are very fast itís like anything you just have to be careful and know your limits
    iím in Houston Texas been here all my life I know if it snowed I would definitely have one
    track lengths r important I just donít know them but if I was to get one I would get that new Yamaha turbo 4stroke sidewinder
    old jetski racer here in Houston has 4 them here so I try to tag along in winter and hook him up with cash for rental for me and mygirl lol with a guide
    be safe

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