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    2019 GP1800r vs 2020 Fx Ho

    I知 torn between these 2 and need your help.
    I ride 95% ocean and half the time I have a passenger. Based on the info above what would be better suited for me ?

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    Choose the hull first, then the engine. Then 'features'

    FX hull is better for rough water and better with passenger. So FX hull would be recommended.

    Non-supercharged HO engine works well, uses 87 octane fuel. Is powerful enough for cruising and general playing around.

    SVHO engine is much, much stronger in acceleration, and of course a higher top speed. Requires 91 octane.

    SVHO also makes the throttle lever much more responsive to minor finger twitches. It is easier to drive the HO engine smoothly, takes more concentration to not jolt the passenger with the SVHO engine.

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    I was in a similar situation with the two you mentioned plus the vxr. I was concerned about reliability and fuel consumption with the supercharged engine but I did end up getting the 2019 GP1800r which I bought during the boat show so I got aroung$1200 off plus an extra 3 years of the YES warranty. I have no regrets so far! It only has 52 hours on it now and no trouble at all. I really love it, I'm still impressed with the power and acceleration. As for fuel consumption I always seem to be at 5 gallons per hour and that's cruising about half the time and some pretty hard play the other half.(I haven't timed it exactly) Mine is completely stock and I run 93 octane. Just my personal experience. Im sure they're all great waverunners whatever you choose.
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