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    Aftermarket DI Stators Miswired - A Field Service Bulletin from Lakeside Tech

    Keywords: Virage TXi stator, Genesis DI stator, FICHT stator, Virage i stator, Polaris DI stator

    I have had a number of customers that were having issues with their skis starting/running, even though everything checked/measured OK (EMM (checked/repaired by Lakeside Tech), Stator AC Volts good, CPS ohms good, etc). It turns out that a number of aftermarket stators are miswired out of the box (one or more pairs with swapped polarity) Since the EMM "stacks" the windings, POLARITY MATTERS. The toughest problems to solve sometimes end up being caused by putting a new part in with the assumption that it's good...

    Attached are some pictures and color codes (AFTERMARKET STATOR), and the OEM wiring diagram. While I believe this information to be correct, your stator may or may not match, so caveat emptor. At a minimum I suggest you make a record of where you started from before you start swapping wire pairs around. (Swapping pins is easy, just carefully pry out the end cap (front of the connector) and then use a small screwdriver to release the pins).

    Note that for the most part the aftermarket color codes correlate to a degree to the OEM color codes. (pins 2/11 seem to be the exception)

    Hope this helps!

            OEM          AFTERMARKET
    1      BRN/W      BRN/W
    12     BRN         BRN 
    2      BRN/BLK   BLK
    11     BRN/Y      BLK/W      
    3      Y/BLU       BLU
    10       Y           Y
    4      Y/PUR      PUR
    9      Y/BLK      Y/BLK
    5      Y/GRN     GRN
    8      Y/GRY     GRY
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Great info. Thanx.

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