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    Cool Which supercharged used ski

    Hello, long time listener, second time caller. Used to have a yamaha fx160 about a 07 i think. Currently have a bayliner jazz with the mercury 175hp v6 sportjet, but am going back to a ski.
    I have been looking at a few older - about 08--13 skis mainly, svho's kawasaki ultra lx 250 supercharged seadoos. Looked at a yamaha ex, but they seem a tad small, also looked at a new gti130 but not sure i will get my power fix

    I'd love a supercharged ski, but I will be buying used and am uneasy about the life of the superchargers and having not owned one before I know zero about them. Which is classed as the most reliable supercharger unit? Any of them run an intercooler ? ... so if the supercharger lunches itself theres something to stop all the bits going into the intake any easy to do turbo conversions ?

    Main uses will be fishing and biscuiting.

    I have heard the later model Kawasaki have a good hull, I love Yamaha, but have had a couple of friends have hot start issues with the early 1800cc models.. Im not fixed on any one brand to be honest.

    Cheers from new zealand!

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    You're smart to ask questions BEFORE you put your money down. The first couple of questions I would ask are:
    1) Where can you get reliable service and what brands do they service?
    2) How much money do you want to spend?

    The question about supercharger design is very relevant and I think a good one. Here are my opinions:

    Sea-Doo- the supercharger clutch is a simple stack of friction washers that have a clamp force applied to them. The early designs used ceramic washers which disintegrated and got ingested by the oiling system. The washers were changed to metal (I don't know which year) so this is not an issue anymore.

    Yamaha- the supercharger clutch is a relatively complex assembly of precision bearings, catch pawls, and gears. The lifespan of the assembly is very hard to predict and there are many opinions expressed by riders on this forum.

    Kawasaki- the supercharger design is totally different from the other two brands. It is a positive displacement design and uses two screw type components that are meshed to compress air.

    Since you are searching for a relatively old machine I think your choice will be determined by what is available in your local market.

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