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    Good walk around videos of some of the new 2020 Sea Doo Skis

    Our friend Tim McKercher took some time to make a good walk around video for us showing us the new 2020 Sea Doo skis. Thank you Tim!

    RXT-X 300




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    Tim did a great job of explaining the features of the RXT-X. I did notice however, he did not discuss construction materials like CM Tec as being better than the competition. Two years ago, that's was a big push by BRP. Now they don't even discuss it. As for the gas staying in during a burp, does it not run into the foot tray or has this been changed?

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    There's no question that the ST-3 based RXT-X offers a lot of rider centric improvements over the previous S3 hulled skis. The main turn off for me is, as Team Bilford says above, the weakness of the new material used for the hull, both cosmetically and structurally. As a previous owner of a NanoXcel based Waverunner, which was also fragile, I can't see myself ever changing out my '17 RXT-260.

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