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    No problem. Hopefully some guys get good useable power and less wasted top end rpm as a result of this thread. Once an efficient intake is installed and you're getting sufficient air to the inlet (that's a must, both), you'll find a lot of wasted rpm on top end, The different nozzles come into play there really giving you useable power, not just blowing water through the big 87mm nozzle. As mentioned, I had great success with a brand new factory impeller and the GPR 60t 5 degree 85mm nozzle with the thin diffuser vanes that I drilled and tapped for the reverse provisions. I really like that setup. Keith
    I must be doing something wrong.

    1. I bought the outer steering nozzle, and I'm going to assume that was the wrong thing to buy. The part number is 6S5-R1313-01-00. When I saw 6S5, I assumed that I got the right thing. So there is an inner nozzle that I need to get? Can you please assist with a part number or the actual name of this part so I can get it right?

    2. Recently my 2014 VXR went from a bone stock top speed of 64mph down to 59mph seemingly overnight. I have followed this thread and have installed a brand new air filter directly on the throttle body, did the ribbon delete, removed oil to below the high-level mark, and have a straight through exhaust now instead of that funky setup from the factory.

    I can tell that I have better power now, and it sounds great. However, I only gained 2mph and now only topping out at 61mph at around 7500rpm. I was hitting 65mph a few months ago with no mods.

    I know the engine is capable of hitting the rev limiter, because when I hit a big wave and I'm on the throttle it will peg the rev limiter hard. I assume that I don't have the 7200rpm limit problem if the motor is doing this right? I have checked the impeller by looking inside the rear nozzle, and there are no visible dings or scratches. It looks great.

    ksalles I'd REALLY like your input, as I'm at a loss here.

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    What cone air filters are you guys buying? And do you need an adapter with it to attach it straight to the throttle body?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VegasKnights View Post
    What cone air filters are you guys buying? And do you need an adapter with it to attach it straight to the throttle body?
    I purchased a RS13050 filter clamps down nicely on TB just installed the other day along with a ribbon delete , intake sounds good

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    Quote Originally Posted by SWFLGP1800 View Post
    I purchased a RS13050 filter clamps down nicely on TB just installed the other day along with a ribbon delete , intake sounds good
    Thank you. I ordered one before waiting for this post. And sure enough I measured the damn entire diameter of the original hose and not the actual inside diameter . I will be ordering this part now. For fit on the air box side... Click image for larger version. 

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    What are you guys doing with the fuel line ? Has it always been attached to the air intake ?

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    How's the ski running in the summer heat?

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    Received the right size air intake , bolted it right to the throttle body. After first few outings no difference. Suddenly... 60mph gps consistently with 7700RPM. No matter the temperature. Just got off Lake Havasu this weekend at 115 degrees... same performance.

    Ribbon delete (no insert)
    K&N 59-2040R flame arrestor air filter.
    87 octane.

    Went from mediocre 55-56mph top stock to 60. I'm very happy right now and a ride plate , 2 degree wedge and ribbon delete insert being delivered today..... sooooo might try for 62-65mph.

    Oh and i'm 2019 FX Ho cruiser. Hence the slower speeds. Heavier i think.. just same motor as the VXR.

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    I read every post on this thread. Very informative! First thing I did was remove the filter sock from the Riva intake filter for less restriction.

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    Great thread!
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